Presentation of the Czech Republic

    Map of Europe, license: public domain, source: en.wikipedia

    The Czech Republic is a small country in the midlle of Europe.  The capital city is Prague. There are about 10,5 milion inhabitants, who live in 14 regions. The longest river is the Vltava. The highest mountains are the Krkonoše mountains (Giant Mountains) with its highest peak called Sněžka. There are many interesting places in the Czech Republic, for example  the spa towns like Karlovy Vary, Františkovy or Mariánské lázně. There is also well-preserved nature with unique features for hiking, cycling and tourism. There is about  33% of forested area. In the Pardubice region is re A special horse race called Velká pardubická that is known all over the world takes place in the Pardubice region. Another thing we are proud of are the Czech  zoos because some animals born in  The Czech Republic are transported back to the wildlife, for example the white rhinos.

    Map of Europe, license: public domain, source: en.wikipedia

    South Bohemian region

    It is  famous for its water and woods. It is also known for a lot of ponds, which means that it is  also a fishing area.  National park Šumava is situated on the southwest side of our region. There are a lot of other nature reservations. Třeboňsko is the best known southbohemian nature reservation.

    The center of our region is the town České Budějovice.

    Other importatnt big towns of the region are Český Krumlov, which is on the  Unesco list. Strakonice, Písek, Tábor and Jindřichův Hradec are also significant for our region for many reasons. These towns are importatnt because of their industry, agriculture and also historical sights and monuments.

    One of the attractivities are rustic baroque houses in Holašovice and surrounding villages.

    Our region is full of castles, ruins and watchtowers.  The best  known castles are in Hluboká nad Vltavou , Červená Lhota and Český Krumlov. One of the most beautiful ruins of our region is Dívčí Kámen which is near the village Holubov. You can enjoy amazing views from our watchtowers, such as Kleť, Hýlačka, Kraví hora and watchtower U Jakuba.

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