Presentation of the Republic of Lithuania

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    Lithuania is a small, only 65,300 km2, country in the north of Europe, situated along the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the land of rich history, arts and culture with friendly and hospitable people living there. The beauty of Lithuania is created by nice landscapes, woods, lakes and rivers, and a very unique seaside. Towns and cities reminds old and noble history of Lithuania - baroque crown of Vilnius, the capital, free spirit of Interwar in Kaunas, German style Klaipėda port and much more historical towns, villages and places.

    Estimate population of Lithuania 2,821,674 (year 2017)

    Official language– Lithuanian, which is the most archaic language from all the Indo-European languages.

    Currency – Euro.

    Kazlų Rūda Kazys Grinius gymnasium, Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania

    Kazlų Rūda is located in South West of Lithuania. It is surrounded by forests, which cover the area of 58,7 thousand hectars and is the third largest forest tract in the country. Therefore, wood proceeding is the main type of production in our region. A railway line crosses Kazlų Rūda and divides it into almost equal parts. The town has population of 6018. There are some sites to visit, such as Forest Museum, Forest Study Trail, Rope Park, Sacred Heard of Jesus Church and some other places of interest near Kazlų Rūda.

    Our school was established on September 1, 1946. Since 1950 the school was known as Kazlų Rūda secondary school. In 1995 it was named after the President Kazys Grinius and since 2003 Kazys Grinius gymnasium was reorganized into a real 4-year gymnasium. Besides secondary education, our school offers wide range of non-formal activities and projects  that allow students to choose form of self-expression based on their talents and wishes. 



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